Workshops for Parents

Dr Hohnen gives talks and presentations to parents on topics including parenting, adolescence and neuroscience. It is possible to book her for a workshop which she will try to tailor to need.

Connected Parenting: Dr Hohnen will be running groups for parents of children with Executive Function (EF) difficulties. It is run through Connections in Mind ( where parents will learn about brain development and how to manage children who struggle with their Executive Functions. This is open to parents of children of all ages and will help them learn how to build skills in their child to support them becoming more independent in their schoolwork and in life generally. They will learn what poor EF skills look like and how to set goals with their child to tackle ongoing difficulties by helping them adopt new strategies to solve problems. This is framed within a relationship based parenting approach which helps you stay closely connected with your child.

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Through Adolescent Eyes: Parenting Teens Relationally: Dr Hohnen will be running a group for parents of teenagers in the Autumn 2017. This is co-run by Dr Clare Gates and Jenny Peters, both who are highly experienced in the Circle of Security parenting model. Parents will learn about teenagers and why their child’s behaviour can change so dramatically at this time of life. The latest research about adolescent brain development will be reviewed alongside an attachment based parenting programme that will help parents maintain your positive relationship with their child. It is based upon the Circle of Security programme.  You can book through The Centre:


Growing Pains and Teenage Brains: A workshop for parents: How relationships affect teenage brains. This will be led by Dr Clare Gates, Dr Bettina Hohnen and Jenny Peters. This workshop will be held at St Mary’s Bryanston Square, 17th June, 2017, 10:00-1:00pm. Click on the image below or follow the link for further details:


Dr Hohnen will be giving a talk about Understanding Teenagers: How to support them and protect them at a time of significant brain development. This will be held at The King Alfred School,  9th June, 2016, 7:00-8:30pm. See the poster below for further details.


Dr Hohnen will be giving a talk about Adolescence and the Adolescent Brain with Dr Clare Gates on February 5th 2015. See attached flyer for further details.



Dr Hohnen is a Senior Teaching Fellow at University College London. She teaches on an MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, covening modules in psychological intervention and international child health. She lectures on a range of topics including paediatric neuropsychology, adolescent brain development, parenting intervention, models of education, neuroscience and education, models of international child health, technology and child’s development.

International Training

Dr Hohnen also works internationally offering specialist training in paediatric neuropsychology and neurodevelopmental disorders. She has run HFC workshops with Dr Tara Murphy in Ireland for the past few years. 

Dr Hohnen and Dr Murphy can arrange a 2-4 day workshop to offer this specialist training and can tailor to individual needs. Click on the PDF to view an example of a two day workshop. 


An Overview: Neuropsychological and Neurodevelopmental Framework

Training for Teachers

Dr Hohnen offers training to teachers in the area of neuroscience, behaviour management, adolescence and neuropsychology.

Working with adolescents

Dr Hohnen has developed and delivered a programme to teach young people about the adolescent brain to help them understand their experience and development. This can be delivered in a group and as a one-off lecture. It has been delivered to students in year 9, year 10 and to sixths form groups who were very receptive and interested in the information.