Individual Therapy

clinician-1Dr Hohnen works with children of all ages therapeutically. The age of the child will often determine how involved parents will be in the therapeutic process. In contrast to child psychotherapy where the young child is often seen alone over many months, Dr Hohnen’s tends to closely involve parents and the work is often short term and in response to presenting difficulties. Generally, the younger the child, the more involved the parents will be and with children in primary school the work with parents is key and often they will be seen alone to give them the skills to manage the difficulty.

During adolescence it is often more appropriate to work individually with the young person, but contact with the parents is always essential in ensuring the young person is getting the support they need at home. Children and young people can be referred for therapy for a variety of problems including:

• School problems

• Problems getting along with others

• Anxiety or phobias

• Anger Management or oppositional behaviour

• Sibling Rivalry

• Parental Conflict

Dr Hohnen draws on a number of types of therapy in her work including attachment based work, cognitive behavioural therapy and narrative or systemic therapy.