Circle of Security Parenting ®

circle-f-securityCircle of Security Parenting is a relationship based intervention designed to help parents tune into their child’s emotional needs, thereby improving the relationship. Experience has shown that when the relation- ship changes improvements in the child’s behaviour automatically follow. It was developed by Bert Powell, Kent Hoffman and Glenn Cooper in the USA and the ideas are derived from attachment and object relations theories.

The sessions are based around a set of short videotapes. The goals of the intervention are to increase the parental sensitivity to the child’s cues, increase their capacity for reflecting on the interactions with their child and explore new ways of interacting. The parent will be provided with visual aids and handouts to help understand the concepts.



25-words-parentingThere is a certain amount of self-reflection during this intervention as the caregiver is encouraged to think about their own experience of being parented and how this affects how they parent their own children. Parents of children of all ages, even children well into their teenage years, have benefitted from this intervention. The concepts and ideas are even relevant for adult relationships as they address basic issues in how we relate to other people based on our own fears and defences.

The programme will help to:
• Enhance and strengthen your relationship with your child now and for many years to come.
• Support your child’s ability to manage his or her emotions.
• Reflect on your own experiences and see how they may be inadvertently getting in the way of your parenting of your own children in certain situations.


Here are two short animations that outline the key concepts of Circle of Security® Parenting™.